First Shaman Discussion – is Earthquake worth it?

Ok folks, its time to have a great discussion here so lets get at it….

I want to talk about the elemental talent/spell Earthquake. Is it really worth using a talent point for the ability when it is really only used for mob trash? And is it really good to use it on trash to begin with? During my time testing this out, I have come to a personal result…

It is in my opion that this ability is really NOT worth wasting a talent point to get. Partnering with my fellow guild shaman, Kanedias, we did multiple tests of specs with and without EQ (earthquake for short) and we have found that in the time it takes to cast EQ and cast another spell, you can esentially cast 2-3 Chain Lightining spells in that same amount of time. Now I do understand that EQ does hit more targets than CL, but where lately (other than outside of a raid) do you find yourself attacking more than 3-4 targets? Plus also take into effect that EQ is not affected by our mastery, where as CL is. (chance to cast same spell with no mana cost and does 75% of original damage) Kane and I have found a great spec that shamans can take w/o using EQ. (31-3-7)!jkbkeSWZk!gd!gjg   Now I do realize that this spec is taking away instant ghost wolf, but other than 1-2 fights in DS ( Madness and Zon’nozz at most) there really is not any need for that either. And with Totemic Focus in play, It gives us longer time between having to drop totems, namely Fire Elemental and Searing Totem lasting longer.

So this is my theory folks. Let me know if you agree or disagree with it and why…

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One Response to First Shaman Discussion – is Earthquake worth it?

  1. kanedias says:

    Nice post. With there being so few places to use EQ and it having a long cast time as well as about 2.5x as much mana consumption, the skill is not worth the talent point. Besides if you are in a situation where you are constantly hitting more than 3 targets, one could always Glyph for an extra 2 targets without losing that much. The glyph is a major glyph and could easily replace most major glyphs. The bonus’ I do see to EQ is the 10% chance of knockdown and its wide range.

    I have been running the above mentioned spec for awhile now, and the perks having EQ vs having an extra point to play around with is a no brainer to me. As for Ancestral swiftness, the bonus isn’t having an instant GS, the bonus is having an extra 15%base movement speed. GS is only 15% greater than the now base 115% with 2 points in Ancestral Swiftness. I find that when I ran the conventional EQ spec the 115% movement speed was more than enough. I do agree with the what was said, the longer totems make a great difference, the added up time for Fire elemental totem greatly out-ways the benefit of EQ.

    Sorry this is so long.

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