Resto- Focused Insight vs. Telluric Currents

Being a resto healer through all of BC and half of wrath, I had always wondered if shamans were going to get something to reduce/gain back our mana comsumption. Well, in Blizzard fashion they decided to give us 2..Focused insight and Telluric Currents. The question now becomes.. which to take?

It is my feeling that it is really up to each individual shamans play style and what raid is occuring. For example- During Firelands raids when there was little time for a healer to cast anything but a heal (save Alysrazor’s burn phase), I was my personal opinion that Focused Insight ( 75% mana reduction of next heal and 30% increased effectiveness of heal) was a better option for shamans to take. (only because in the time it takes to cast a lightining bolt to gain mana and then cast a heal spell, someone could die)

But now with Dragon Soul out and looking beyond into MoP (which i am on Beta when its released so blogs about shamans will be coming) There are more fights where Resto can attack more during boss fights, so it seems like Telluric Currents (restores 40% of lightining bolt damage to target back as mana) is the better way to go.

 So my opinion is this… try them both out and see which one you feel is better suited for your play style.

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3 Responses to Resto- Focused Insight vs. Telluric Currents

  1. Effraeti says:

    Focused Insight does cost, in time for the extra global cooldown and the talent points, and still does not give a Resto Shaman a source of mana regen. If a Resto Shaman needs a bigger heal, that is what our Mastery is for… the lower the target’s health, the bigger the heal. Telluric Currents on the other hand gives us much greater direct control over our mana pool.

    I am not familiar with the fights in Firelands, as I did not raid them. I did however find ample time for regen in BoT and BWD and I do now, in the current Dragonsoul.

    ~ Effy

  2. kanedias says:

    I understand why most would think that telluric currents would be fine when healing in a raid. My issue with this is lightning bolt itself. If you are casting lightning bolt which costs between 1 and 2 k mana if not more depending on spec and that needs to factor into how much you are getting back. Ie. If you cast LB and deal 16k dmg there would be a mana return of 6.4k minus the cost of the LB itself. I could be wrong in my assumption.
    As a healer I commend any resto shaman that can pull this off. The next issue is that there are skills in other classes that assist in the replenishment of mana. With blessing of might and the druid talent is there really a reason to give up an added 30 percent heal (buff). Besides the telluric currents is very situational. It would be best used in cases like yor saj or however he is spelled.
    Just a thought

    • kane the biggest issue in raid is that even fully raid buffed, it is still important for resto shamans to have some extra mana regen/mana cost reduction. With either talent, a resto shaman can either lower the amount of mana he uses with focused insight, or with telluric Currents, if he crits on a LB it means even more mana returned than normal.

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