Elemantal Changes Part 1

Being on Beta and seeing what exactly has changed is massive! there are soo many things that need to be discussed, so lets get right to it with Elemental Shamans….

First, and probably the biggest change, is the use of totems. This applies to ALL shamans now. We no longer have to drop totems for buffs and support. (We are no longer to be considered a support class…YAY!!) Instead, totems will be use as situational uses. This means we can focus more on doing damage (or healing if you’re Resto) and not worry too much about if our totems are running out.

2nd is the range hit cap. This has been reduced to 15% for all spellcasters (which is 1440 hit rating @level 85 currently) This will help reduce the amount of spirit/hit we have to reforge. (which means more mastery)

3rd, speaking of mastery, Elemental Oath ( 5% crit aura) has been replaced with a new aura called Grace of Air. This new aura lets us give party/raid  5 mastery. (which with current ilvl of  397, im at 50% mastery).  And since no one will have a Panda at 90 anytime early, this makes us somewhat needed for raids again!

Next item would have to be the loss of a relic item in our items. To me, this is a good thing because it means one less item we have to fight for in our gear!

Now, lets dicuss some of our spellbook abilities…Most noteable definitely has to be Lava Surge.  This new talent brings back an awesome ability. In our Tier 12 (Firelands) gear, our 4-piece bonus was that our Flame Shock DoT gave our Lava Burst the ablity to become an instant cast. Well It is now a permanent talent now.

     Elemental Reach ( increases distance of damaging spells), now includes totems as well.  They get an extra 15 yards added on. ( 30 yrds up to 45)


    The next ability combines another 2 current abilities. The new Elemental Fury will now incorporate the old E.F. and Shamanism into one talent. The original E.F increased Crit damage by 100% and Shamanism gave us 36% bonus damage. The new E.F. will only increase crit damage by 50%, Lightining Bolt Damage increased 50%, and Chain Lightining damage increased 75%. so its really a semi-nerf, semi-buffed.

Thats pretty much the only changes to abilities for the time.. Tomorrow..Part 2, Totems and the new Talent tree.

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