Elemental Changes Part 2: Totems and talents- Fearful or just necessary?

Ok folks, Part 2 is a combination of the way our totems now work and our talent tree. Lets continue the MoP changes, startin with totems!

As you may or may not have seen, Blizz has redesigned our totems. They are no longer an all the time neccesity, but are now a situational usage item. For me, I love the idea of not have to worry about if my totems are close enough, or if they are about to expire. With the exception of the Fire, the totems are now going to be dropped ‘as needed’.  Which for us means less time having to replace totems, and more time slamming as much damage on the boss as we can. So lets take a look at the redesign of the old ones and look at some of the news ones being brought in…


Grounding- This one they have decided to pretty much leave alone, so currently this has no changes made to it.

Capacitator- This one seems to be a decent new totem. It will gather electrical energy for 5 seconds and it will then explode, stunning all enemies within 8 yds for 5 sec. (45 sec CD)

Stormlash-  This new one empowers all allies within 30 yds with electrical energy, Adding additional Nature damage to target for 10 sec. ( 5 min CD)

Windwalk- This ones goes right along with Tremor Totem now , making party/raid members immune to movement impairing efects for 6 sec. ( 1 min CD)


The fire totems really have not been changed. Searing and Magma both still do exactly what they currently do with CD timers being the same. The Fire Elemental is identical, but with a much shorter 5 min CD ( down from 10), with a new glyph that reduces the CD by 40%. ( bringing CD to just 3 min) and also a shorter duration of 1 min ( down from 2 min)


For elemental, we only have 1 water totem available for use: Healing Stream. The redisgn of this totem still obviously heals party/raid, ( 3243 every 2 sec) but now only lasts for 15 sec. ( 30 sec CD).


Earthbind, Tremor, and Earth Elemental are all identical, with just the Earth Elemental CD changed to 5 min ( down from 10).

Stone Bulwark- This totem must be specced into from the talent tree if you want ot use it. This will shield the caster  upon dropping absorbing 21k damage, and will continue to absorb 7k damage every 5 sec thereafter for 30 sec. ( 1 min CD)…. So, thats the rundown on the totem changes so far. Lets look at the new Talent points we have..

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