Elemental Glyph Changes- Good or Bad?

Sorry for the Delay in posts folks, but lets move on to some of the new changes on the Shaman glyphs. As some of you have seen on MMO already, there are some signifigant changes to a few of our major glyphs that we elemental shamans use. Lets look into them….

The biggest benefit for Elementals is the removal of Glyph of Lightning Shield. This was one of our highly reccomended glyphs as it allowed us not to drop below 3 charges of our shield. So now we have to worry about if our shield will drop after we use and it opens up a glyph spot for something else important. The good thing about it now is that the shield only has 1 charge on it, but you never lose it and 1 charge does the same amount of damage now as 3 do in Cata.

A slight concern that may be possible while we are leveling and early raiding is Glyph of Thunderstorm. This one now only removes knockback and no longer gives us mana back. So watch your mana carefully until we get some better gear at 90.

Another good change is Glyph of Totemic Recall. This now gives us full mana back on all totem we recall instead of the current 50%.

One big one that has also changed that I have not seen on MMO yet (maybe i just missed it) is Glyph of Flame Shock. This one is a big nerf for us and I am still in the process in determining if it will still be viable to use. The glyph now only increases duration by 25% ( down from 50%) and now also reduces initial damage by 25%. Just by description it seems like it may not be useful, but let me do some more work with in on Beta before we abandon it.

So far I am liking the changes to Elemental, but as you all know, its still going to take time to see if we have come out of the support first role that we have been accustomed to or will we be a viable DPS source with support abilities now.

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