Elemental Changes Part 2: Totems and Talents- Fearfulr or just necessary? ( cont)

As everyone has probably seen already, Blizz has decided to change the talent trees, again. Now you will get to choose 1 of 3 talents every 15 levels, for a total of onl 5 talents active at a time. The good part about this is that if you need to change a talent for situational needs, you dont have to go respec any more, you just need a reagent in your bags to make the change. So lets look at the redesigned talent tree…


This is where you get to choose your first talent point. ( don’t woory, a lot of the old talents you use to have will be implemented into your spellbook when you hit certain levels) As with each Talent tier that opens up, you get to 1 of 3 talents available…

Nature’s Guardian– This talent is exactly like the current one in the Resto tree, but you no longer have to be Resto to use it. ( yes you could have reached it in Elemental, but why would you at the time?) Just like the present talent, this one should really only be used in PVP.

These next 2 are personal preference of which you prefer to use.

Stone Bulwark Totem– As I mentioned in part 2, this totem you have to spec into to use. This places a shield on the caster absorbing 21k damage immediately and absorbing 7k every 5 sec for 30 sec. (1 min CD)

Astral Shift– Caster is partially shifted into the elemental planes, reducing damage by 40% for 6 sec. ( 2 min CD)

Again these are personal preference, but also situational. e.g. Heroic Ultraxion when you need 5 people to stay out for HoT, Astral shift would be the better option due to more damage mitigation., but standard fights i would reccomend Stone Bulwark.


Frozen Power– identical to the current Enhancement Talent, so really only good for PVP or leveling.

Earthgrab Totem– Identical to our Earth’s Grasp talent combined with earthbind, but now its own separate totem with 1 exception, It now pulses to keep impairing movement on enemies instead of just once. Again, seems like a PVP talent, but i guess some situational raid needs if raid lead see fit.

Windwalk Totem– Another totem that needs a talent point to use. Makes party/raid immune to movement impairing effects for 6 sec.


Call of the Elements– This new talent, resets the CD on all totem with a CD of 5 min or less. Basically they gave us a rogues preparation talent. Which is pretty good actually.

Totemic Restoration– When a totm is replaced or destroyed before it expires, the CD on it will be reduced by in proportion of it lot duration, up to 50%. Now i have played with this talent in Beta, and to me it seems like a useless talent. Because the only totems it can affect the CD duration enough to worry about is our elemental totems.

Totemic Projection– Move your current totem to anywhere you want within range. Decent talent for those who are tired of recalling totems and dropping them again elsewhere.


This is where the really good talents start coming into play….

Elemental Mastery– identical to the current talent but CD can no longer be affected by Lightining bolt or Chain lightining.

Ancestral Swiftness– Again, identical to the Resto talent, but now has a passive 5% spell and haste buff on it.

Echo of the Elements– Identical to Elementals’s Mastery, chance to duplicate your previous spell. This ability stack with mastery So I feel this is the Talent worth getting for Elementals.


Healing Tide Totem– Another totem you have to talent to get ( UG!)  Totem has 15 sec duration and heals party/raid for 3243 every 2 sec. More of a healing support talent.

Ancestral Guidance– When you deal direct damage or healing, this talent will copy 40% of wht was done and heal a nearby party/raid member.

Conductivity– When Healing Rain is down and you cast a direct heal or a Lightining Bolt on a target withing H.R, allies also within the H.R will share healing done equal to 20% of the damage or healing done. Basically, if you cast H.R and your elemental, you better be casting it on the melee that is right on the boss or it will be useless. If you’re Resto make sure you heal someone in H.R. to get the extra bonus.


Since they have currently not been opened up in Beta yet (can only get to lvl 87 atm), I havent had the chance to play with them yet. So I cannot give advice on what to pick from experience

Unleashed Fury– This talent has different uses depending on which weapon enhancement you have on, so since this is currently for Elemental, I will describe the Flametongue one for now- Increases target dmaage taken by Lightining Bolt or Lave Burst by 25% for 10 sec. Blizz has made us a talent that gives us a reason to use Unleash Elements ( YAY!!!)

Primal Elementalist– Our Fire/Earth Elementals summons primal elementals from the elemental planes. They are strogger than our Elementals and can be controlled from a Pet bar.

Elemental Blast– Spell ( 2sec csat time, 12 sec CD) harnessing Elemental power, dealing 3700-4339 Elemental power and increasing caster’s Crit, Haste or Mastery by 5% for 8 sec.

Now with looking at all 3 talents, I think it is going to be up to each individual preference and testing and find out which is better for you.

Well, thats all for now guys..Enhancement coming later this week. Enjoy folks!

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Elemental Changes Part 2: Totems and talents- Fearful or just necessary?

Ok folks, Part 2 is a combination of the way our totems now work and our talent tree. Lets continue the MoP changes, startin with totems!

As you may or may not have seen, Blizz has redesigned our totems. They are no longer an all the time neccesity, but are now a situational usage item. For me, I love the idea of not have to worry about if my totems are close enough, or if they are about to expire. With the exception of the Fire, the totems are now going to be dropped ‘as needed’.  Which for us means less time having to replace totems, and more time slamming as much damage on the boss as we can. So lets take a look at the redesign of the old ones and look at some of the news ones being brought in…


Grounding- This one they have decided to pretty much leave alone, so currently this has no changes made to it.

Capacitator- This one seems to be a decent new totem. It will gather electrical energy for 5 seconds and it will then explode, stunning all enemies within 8 yds for 5 sec. (45 sec CD)

Stormlash-  This new one empowers all allies within 30 yds with electrical energy, Adding additional Nature damage to target for 10 sec. ( 5 min CD)

Windwalk- This ones goes right along with Tremor Totem now , making party/raid members immune to movement impairing efects for 6 sec. ( 1 min CD)


The fire totems really have not been changed. Searing and Magma both still do exactly what they currently do with CD timers being the same. The Fire Elemental is identical, but with a much shorter 5 min CD ( down from 10), with a new glyph that reduces the CD by 40%. ( bringing CD to just 3 min) and also a shorter duration of 1 min ( down from 2 min)


For elemental, we only have 1 water totem available for use: Healing Stream. The redisgn of this totem still obviously heals party/raid, ( 3243 every 2 sec) but now only lasts for 15 sec. ( 30 sec CD).


Earthbind, Tremor, and Earth Elemental are all identical, with just the Earth Elemental CD changed to 5 min ( down from 10).

Stone Bulwark- This totem must be specced into from the talent tree if you want ot use it. This will shield the caster  upon dropping absorbing 21k damage, and will continue to absorb 7k damage every 5 sec thereafter for 30 sec. ( 1 min CD)…. So, thats the rundown on the totem changes so far. Lets look at the new Talent points we have..

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Elemantal Changes Part 1

Being on Beta and seeing what exactly has changed is massive! there are soo many things that need to be discussed, so lets get right to it with Elemental Shamans….

First, and probably the biggest change, is the use of totems. This applies to ALL shamans now. We no longer have to drop totems for buffs and support. (We are no longer to be considered a support class…YAY!!) Instead, totems will be use as situational uses. This means we can focus more on doing damage (or healing if you’re Resto) and not worry too much about if our totems are running out.

2nd is the range hit cap. This has been reduced to 15% for all spellcasters (which is 1440 hit rating @level 85 currently) This will help reduce the amount of spirit/hit we have to reforge. (which means more mastery)

3rd, speaking of mastery, Elemental Oath ( 5% crit aura) has been replaced with a new aura called Grace of Air. This new aura lets us give party/raid  5 mastery. (which with current ilvl of  397, im at 50% mastery).  And since no one will have a Panda at 90 anytime early, this makes us somewhat needed for raids again!

Next item would have to be the loss of a relic item in our items. To me, this is a good thing because it means one less item we have to fight for in our gear!

Now, lets dicuss some of our spellbook abilities…Most noteable definitely has to be Lava Surge.  This new talent brings back an awesome ability. In our Tier 12 (Firelands) gear, our 4-piece bonus was that our Flame Shock DoT gave our Lava Burst the ablity to become an instant cast. Well It is now a permanent talent now.

     Elemental Reach ( increases distance of damaging spells), now includes totems as well.  They get an extra 15 yards added on. ( 30 yrds up to 45)


    The next ability combines another 2 current abilities. The new Elemental Fury will now incorporate the old E.F. and Shamanism into one talent. The original E.F increased Crit damage by 100% and Shamanism gave us 36% bonus damage. The new E.F. will only increase crit damage by 50%, Lightining Bolt Damage increased 50%, and Chain Lightining damage increased 75%. so its really a semi-nerf, semi-buffed.

Thats pretty much the only changes to abilities for the time.. Tomorrow..Part 2, Totems and the new Talent tree.

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BETA Breakdown

Hey folks, 

Due to the overwhelming amount of changes that are coming in MoP for us shamans, I am going to have to break it down into several different posts. Each spec will be broken down into 2 different posts. I will be startin with, of course, the Elemental spec and tree. So keep checking back for the others…

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Beta Time!

Hey folks,

I have finally received my Beta invite, so I will be focusing on shaman Beta this weekend, icluding Panda shamans to see how they compare again draenei and dwarfs. So stay tuned..new posts coming all next week!

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The use of Spiritwalker’s Grace

Ok this one goes for all shamans out there. Why is it that Spiritwalker’s Grace is not used as much as it should be? (Can cast spells while moving for 15 sec with a 2 min CD) Especially for Elemental and Resto specs, this is an ability that should be utilized a lot more often. With the avg DS boss fight lasting approx 6 min, this ability can be used at least 3-4 times per fight! (Madness fight usually goes for 10 min or more depending on the raid group, so 5-6 times here alone) This is a huge advantage and depending what spec you are, Elemental means more damage from a Lava Burst instead of a LB, and Resto, cast a heal to potentially save someone while moving around. This ia an ability that is way underutilized by us and we should all look more into how we use it in raid fights Let me know here on when you usually use it and do you think its worth having.

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Resto- Focused Insight vs. Telluric Currents

Being a resto healer through all of BC and half of wrath, I had always wondered if shamans were going to get something to reduce/gain back our mana comsumption. Well, in Blizzard fashion they decided to give us 2..Focused insight and Telluric Currents. The question now becomes.. which to take?

It is my feeling that it is really up to each individual shamans play style and what raid is occuring. For example- During Firelands raids when there was little time for a healer to cast anything but a heal (save Alysrazor’s burn phase), I was my personal opinion that Focused Insight ( 75% mana reduction of next heal and 30% increased effectiveness of heal) was a better option for shamans to take. (only because in the time it takes to cast a lightining bolt to gain mana and then cast a heal spell, someone could die)

But now with Dragon Soul out and looking beyond into MoP (which i am on Beta when its released so blogs about shamans will be coming) There are more fights where Resto can attack more during boss fights, so it seems like Telluric Currents (restores 40% of lightining bolt damage to target back as mana) is the better way to go.

 So my opinion is this… try them both out and see which one you feel is better suited for your play style.

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